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Are you aware that gun makers, unlike the makers of other consumer products, have sole discretion to decide whether or not to recall potentially dangerous weapons? That means that some mal-firing guns could still be on the market.

One of the nation’s largest rifle makers is accused of marketing a gun that can explode in the hands of the user. Several hunters over the past decade have been injured using rifles made by the company, Savage Arms. Now, the company is being sued for knowing about the defects and continuing to market the weapons.

An Iowa man, Ronald Hansen, is one hunter who had the rifle explode when he was on a deer hunting trip. When the incident happened, it knocked him off of his feet, burned his face and severely injured his ear and his right hand.

There have been many complaints filed by other hunters who have suffered similar mishaps while using the Savage Arms rifle. In fact, according to court documents, there have been thousands of complaints filed against the company.

Hansen is now seeking damages to compensate him for the injuries he received when his gun exploded in his hands. He is alleging that the company failed to warn customers about the defect. At least three other such lawsuits have been settled in the past year.

A Michigan State University metals expert in 2009 told the Associated Press that the barrel of the gun had metallurgical defects. An expert hired by Hansen’s legal team has come to the same conclusion, stating that the steel used to make the weapon is prone to catastrophic failure after repeated firings.

Other gun manufacturers have faced similar lawsuits and criticisms amongst allegations that they allowed unsafe guns to stay on the market. Remington finally agreed to replace triggers on its popular Model 700 rifles after several lawsuits were filed against the company.

What do you think? Should gun manufacturers be held to the same standards as other companies being regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

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