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You probably know that Hooters’ restaurants are famous for their scantily clad waitresses. You may consider it sexist or distasteful, and you may choose not to spend your food dollars with the franchise. But, what if your boss calls for a meeting to be held away from the office at a Hooters restaurant? If you’re a woman and find this uncomfortable, what do you do?

Marci Hocevar had just begun working for Molecular Health when a newly hired senior vice president called a meeting with her; she was stunned when told that he wanted her to join him at a local Hooters for that meeting. The boss told her that he “enjoyed being served by attractive females” according to a lawsuit later filed by Hocevar.

Hocevar complied with the request because she says she felt that she had no choice since he was her boss. However, after the meeting, she reported the incident to her immediate supervisor who took her complaint to human resources.  A month later she was fired.

That is when she filed her lawsuit, which the biomedical company claims is without merit. According to the lawsuit, both Hocevar and the senior vice president were fired from Molecular Health a month later.

Hocevar has not found a job since being fired from Molecular Health and is now seeking back pay and other damages. Her attorney says she attended the meeting because she felt she had no choice; she was earning a 6-figure salary.

Should Hocevar have spoken up and told the boss that she did not feel comfortable going to a Hooters restaurant? That is probably a hard question to answer especially when you are making a good salary and fear the complaint might put your job at risk.

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