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Insurance companies can be big and bad when it comes to paying out claims. You pay your premiums for years, and the one time you really need to use your insurance, it can be a pain to get that roof replaced, or the flood damage in the foyer repaired.

Over the past ten years it has changed for the worse; things that were once covered with no problem are now cause for the insurance companies to nit-pick and fight you every step of the way. The good news is that an attorney can handle the big insurance company for you.

Insurance companies are supposed to put their business interests in the same light as those that they insure. This helps get your claim paid and the issues resolved. However, if they fight you over your claim and leave the insured person exposed – the insurance company can take a big hit.

For example, a man who was driving on the interstate was rear-ended by another driver who didn’t have much insurance. The first driver was killed in the accident, but the insurance company refused to settle the claim. A wrongful-death claim was filed by the family’s attorney figuring that the insurance company was sure to pay the small amount that was owed.

The company refused to pay, and the case went to trial and the verdict was around $10-million. The insurance company was deemed to be in bad faith for having waited so long and not having taken the opportunity to settle and protect their insured’s interest.

You may also wonder how often an insurance company can raise your premiums; is it arbitrary? The answer is no. They cannot raise your rates unless something has happened, such as speeding tickets, a wreck, and etc.  For there to be a general increase across the board, the company has to go before the insurance commission to get approval.

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