June proved to be a deadly month for car wrecks in Birmingham. Police departments in and around the Birmingham metro are cracking down on negligent driving.

The city of Hoover, Alabama had an especially tough month regarding deadly crashes. A total of four fatalities in the past week occurred on interstates inside Hoover’s jurisdiction. In an effort to combat this current spike in deadly traffic, Hoover has declared a “Zero Tolerance Policy“. The police force has increased presence and focus on their interstates and highly-traveled roadways.

Hoover explained the purpose and their dedication to these efforts on their Facebook page:

“Due to the recent fatalities on our interstates, the Hoover Police will be stepping up enforcement action along the I459 and I65 corridors. With I459 and I65 being heavily traveled and the Fourth of July weekend approaching, traffic volume will only increase.

There is also a major construction project going on in the area, so our emphasis is to reduce speeds for the workers as well as the vehicles passing through this area. We have added warning signs in the area alerting drivers to be aware of the “Zero Tolerance Policy” that is now in effect.

While traveling to see your loved ones during this holiday, your priority should be getting to your destination safely. Your main focus should be the road ahead of you, not dealing with distractions. These include Driver fatigue, texting while driving, eating and adjusting the stereo. Please concentrate on the task at hand: Driving the vehicle!

Our goal is to have zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero fatalities. We cannot do this without your help. Our priority is to keep our city and citizens safe. Please join us in this very important effort. Share this with your family, friends and anyone else who might be traveling through Hoover on the interstates. We want you to arrive safely.


In response to these recent and tragic events, Hoover Mayor Gary Ivey said Saturday “Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of these accident victims and their lost lives should serve as a reminder to each of us to drive extra carefully as we approach the July Fourth holiday weekend.”

In addition to ongoing roadwork, the interstates are currently under construction, which only adds a stronger case for police to step up efforts to make these roadways safer.

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