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This is one man’s story of his beautiful home, his Zombie, and the folks who make the rules. The yard zombie statue has become an issue for one Nashville Homeowners’ Association and they have ordered Jim Grinstead to get rid of the lawn zombie, or they will.

Grinstead and his wife have lived in the neighborhood for the past ten years. They have a lovely two-story brick home, and in the recent past, they spent more than $10-thousand to improve the landscaping.

In a letter to Grinstead, the HOA says, “During a recent inspection of the community, it was noted that there is a zombie in your yard, and it needs to be removed.” Grinstead says at first he was angry, and then he found it ridiculous.

He and his wife call the yard art zombie, Clawed, and people even stop to have their picture made with the statue. No one has complained, and Grinstead says the neighbors appreciate that he and his wife have fun sense of humor.

Here’s the sticky part: the HOA letter reads, in part, “it shall be the duty of each lot owner to keep the grass on the lot properly cut, to keep the lot free from weeds and trash,” but it does not specifically mention yard art.

Others in the neighborhood have rabbit and angel statues in their yards, but have not been asked to remove them. It seems that Clawed is their target. Grinstead says, “I think the homeowners’ association needs to lighten up a bit. We have a sense of humor and that is how we want the world to think of us.”

Grinstead says he will remove the statue from his yard, but hasn’t said what he will do with it in the future. “If I told you where it’s gonna go, I might face problems again.”

What do you think – is the HOA discriminating against the Grinsteads and Clawed? Might he have a legal case against the HOA?

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