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If you are involved in a car accident, should you hire an attorney? While each case is different, here are some things you may consider.

 If you are in a major accident with injuries, the answer is fairly obvious: you will want an attorney to represent your interests while going through all of the legalities that a major accident will involve.

 But what if you are in a minor auto accident, one where no one is seriously injured – do you still need an attorney?

 Probably the most important thing you can do, especially if you think you may have been injured – and especially in a minor car accident – is to seek medical attention. A doctor can confirm whether or not you have received an injury in the wreck. And this information will be crucial should you decide to hire an attorney.

 If you are hurt, you will need to go the doctor or hospital, and this is the point where you will most likely want a lawyer involved. There are time limits concerning the notification of your insurance company; evidence may go missing if you don’t have an attorney who insists that the other side save that information.

 There are a lot of issues that you will be thankful to have an attorney handle for you. An attorney can answer all of your questions and get the ball rolling in a timely manner. 

This way, if you realize later on that you want to file a lawsuit, you will not have waived any of your rights.

And what if your accident involves a family member? This is why you have liability insurance. If you sue a family member, their insurance rates will not go up. So while you sue the person, the insurance company actually pays the claim with no penalty to the one whom you have sued.

These are just a few things to consider if you’re involved in a car accident and you’re thinking of hiring an attorney. Most attorneys offer a complimentary consultation that can help you make your decision.

 If you have legal questions, please consult our Online Legal Directory to find an attorney in your area.

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