It’s a busy time of year for the wedding business. Dresses, caterers, florists – there’s so much to plan. But don’t forget some of the really important stuff that is not part of the pomp and circumstance.

There’s so much to do when you’re getting married including legal considerations, to which you may not have given a thought. Some of these are actually more important than the flowers, and dresses.

Legal Tips for Marriage

  • Get a prenuptial agreement
  • Decide on married names
  • Signed contracts from all vendors
  • Liability insurance for your wedding
  • Create/update estate plan

Prenups aren’t just for celebrities; they allow both parties to state what you’re bringing with you into the marriage. You’ll both know what to expect going forward with your life together.

Decide on whether or not you’ll keep your maiden name, hyphenate or take your husband’s last name. Then make sure to update all personal information and any documents with your new legal name.

To prevent unnecessary headaches, sign a contract with everyone who is doing business for your wedding. This may also keep you out of small claims court in the future.

Liability insurance will cover you if someone should fall on the dance floor or otherwise injure themselves at your ceremony or reception.

Also, once you’re married, you’ll need to include your spouse in your Will, Trust, Power of Attorney and other family legal documents.

So, if you’re thinking about getting married, it is important to check marriage requirements in your state. Speak with a family law attorney because each state is different when it comes to marriage-related issues and requirements.

An attorney can help you with questions you have about certain requirements and they can also help you draft and put into place a sound prenuptial agreement.

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