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Have you ever heard of the ailment referred to as “Fried Rice Syndrome”? It is a real malady, named and recognized by the Food and Drug Administration.

A Texas woman, after having eaten fried rice at a local restaurant, is suing them for $1-million after becoming very ill. Germaine Mobley was a regular customer at the Asian King Buffet, but apparently was an unlucky one on this particular day.

Mobley says everything tasted fine while she was eating lunch, but shortly after, on the drive home, she began feeling sick. “I just started vomiting. The next morning, I was having problems breathing, so my husband called an ambulance,” she says.

Court documents say that while consuming the fried rice, Mobley ingested Bacillus cereus. This is a bacteria commonly found in foods that sit at room temperature for an extended time, which is the case with many buffets.

According to the FDA, Bacillus cereus is commonly found in fried rice, citing it as a cause of “Fried Rice Syndrome”. Symptoms include vomiting, cramps and diarrhea that, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, usually last 24-48 hours.

Mobley says her case was much worse, sending her to the ICU for a week, two of those days hooked up to a ventilator. Mobley states that while she did have some health issues before eating the allegedly tainted rice, she only became very ill after eating at Asian King.

Mobley’s attorney says that the Syndrome sounds like a joke, but is a completely serious matter. “They (Asian King) didn’t maintain the food at the proper temperature, or kept it out for a long period of time,” says Kathryn Knotts.

Do you think that Germaine Mobley has a winnable case?

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