Car crashes are devastating when they result in serious injuries or deaths. Most Florida residents would agree that a crash can be prevented by taking steps necessary to operate a vehicle in a responsible manner. However, not every driver is careful, and this case appears to be no exception. Recently, a 21-year-old man died and another driver was injured in a fatal crash.

The crash happened on a morning in mid-April on a roadway near Keystone Heights. Authorities were called out to the scene and conducted an initial investigation. Authorities believe that the crash unfolded when the now-deceased man’s vehicle rear-ended a dump truck. The impact caused the car to veer off into the other lanes of traffic, where it was struck by another vehicle.

The dump truck’s driver did not sustain any injuries. The driver of the third vehicle was transported to the hospital, but the nature of the person’s condition was not released. The man who is believed to have caused the accident was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash caused the road to be shut down for hours, and no further details about this matter were disclosed.

The fatal crash is undoubtedly devastating for the injured party and the deceased man’s surviving family members. Depending on the outcome, the deceased driver’s estate could be subject to a lawsuit if a legal claim is filed. The driver of the third vehicle retains the right to file a personal injury claim against the estate of the deceased to recover damages and other compensation available under Florida law. The civil court system makes decisions on cases such as this one based upon evidence that a party was negligent in a way that caused an accident and resulting damages.

Source:, “21-year-old killed in Keystone Heights crash“, April. 21, 2015

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