Motor vehicle accidents always take a toll on those involved. However, when motor vehicles strike pedestrians, the results are almost always worse. In a recent Florida case in which a motor vehicle struck a family resulting in the death of a baby, the toll on both the family and the driver of the car is nearly unimaginable.

The accident happened on a recent Monday night in early November. According to reports, a woman and her two children were trying to cross the road when a 65-year-old female driver struck the family. The driver claims that she saw them too late to allow her to stop.

The mother and both of her children were flown to a hospital for treatment. Her 5-year-old boy suffered serious injuries, but was listed in stable condition, while the mother is reported to be in critical condition. The infant suffered life-threatening injuries and later died.

According to emergency personnel, the young mother was attempting to cross outside of a crosswalk. Authorities have not filed criminal charges against the driver and none are expected. No other information about this case has been reported.

If further investigation provides more information that leads the surviving family members to believe that the driver of the motor vehicle acted negligently, they may choose to pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims. In order for the claims to be successful, it must be proven in a Florida civil court that the driver was indeed negligent. If such claims are successful, the family may receive compensation for their accident-related losses. 

Source:, “Child dies from injuries sustained in Largo crash“, Nov. 12, 2014

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