Just one brief moment of distracted driving can change lives forever. A sip of hot coffee, a glance at an incoming text message or even a sneeze can cause a driver to take his or her eyes off the road. It is unclear what exactly caused a Florida driver on northbound I-95 to suddenly drift out of his lane of travel and onto the shoulder. Whatever the reason, it started a chain reaction of events that led to a fatal crash.

After finding himself on the east shoulder of the Interstate, the driver reportedly overcorrected, causing his pickup truck to swerve back across all northbound lanes, striking and then flipping over the guard rail. Before landing on the southbound side of the highway, the truck struck a car and another pickup truck. All three vehicles involved finally came to rest on the west shoulder.

The car driver, a woman from St. Augustine, was killed by the impact. A 17-year-old passenger in the first pickup truck was ejected from the vehicle struck the second pickup, and he died from his injuries as well. The driver believed responsible for the tragic accident and a passenger in the second pickup suffered minor injuries. All lanes of both northbound and southbound I-95 were closed for hours while authorities and rescue workers worked the scene.

No charges have as yet been filed against the driver of the truck that allegedly caused the accident. However, the families of the deceased passenger and of the woman killed in the fatal crash may choose to file a wrongful death civil suit against the man in a Florida court. No amount of money can make up for the horrible losses suffered by the families of the victims, although a monetary judgment can help defray the costs associated with end-of-life arrangements and other financial damages.

Source: The Daytona Beach News-Journal, “I-95 in Flagler reopens after fatal crashes“, Anthony DeFeo, June 1, 2014

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