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Getting a divorce is a stressful time no matter how friendly you may try to be with your spouse. There is so much to consider, especially if there are children involved. During the process, unplanned things will happen; you will learn things that may surprise and anger you.

Here are some survival tips for your consideration.

Hire an Attorney

You may think you cannot afford to hire an attorney, but make no mistake; you will want to do so. Representing yourself in court can work against you especially if the judge has a lack of patience. An attorney can review and correct paperwork and can tell you what is important to take to court with you. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Use a Mediator

It is also advisable to hire a mediator. The mediator doesn’t represent either party and will help you negotiate your way through difficult waters. Anything resolved with a mediator may keep you out of the courtroom, which is the ultimate goal in divorce proceedings.

Put Your Children First

Whatever you do, don’t put your children in the middle of what you are going through. This is cruel, and any judge will find this unacceptable if you find yourself in a courtroom.  You never want to use your children as pawns; don’t try to get them to take sides, and do not try to turn them against the other parent.

Don’t Be a Victim

Another good reason to hire an attorney is so that you do not become a victim; it can be very difficult to stand up for yourself when so many emotions are rocked to the core. It may be tempting to give in to whatever the other side wants just to get it over with; but don’t do that. An attorney will stand up for you when you may not be able to stand up for yourself.

Mind Your Finances

Don’t go out and run up huge charges on joint accounts while going through a divorce. A judge will not look upon this kindly, and you may be held liable for what you spend. Also, declaring bankruptcy does not protect you from having to pay legal fees and child support.

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