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The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) says the practice of riding in the left lane can and does cause traffic buildup and dangerous accidents. The research backs up this assertion. And besides all of that, it is very frustrating to get behind a driver who simply will not move out of the left hand lane.

 Research shows that slowing down and changing lanes multiple times greatly increases the risk of accidents and, in fact, is blamed for 10-percent of the accidents on our roadways.

 Beginning this Sunday, October 6, State Troopers will begin enforcing the new law. If you are not using the left lane to pass slower traffic on interstate highways, you will be in violation of the new anti-road rage law.

 And if you are misguided enough to think that you may be helping things by driving slowly in the left lane, you are mistaken. Cars going 5 mph slower than the surrounding traffic prove a greater chance of causing accidents than those going 5 mph over the speed limit.

 According to the new law, the left hand lane is for passing another vehicle only. If you are driving under the speed limit, you now have to drive in the right hand lane.  And State Troopers are intent on enforcing this law.

 Alabama is now one of 29 states who has passed such a law stating that any car moving slower than the normal speed of traffic should move into the right hand lane. State Troopers say they will allow a grace period for the first 60 days, but they are intent on enforcing this new law.

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