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Dealing with your insurance company can be a daunting task. Should you find yourself in disagreement with your insurance company about a claim you have filed – you may want to hire an attorney who specializes in fighting for your rights as a policy owner.

When going up against a big company, it can be hard to know just when you’ll need the services of a good lawyer. But here are a few clues as to where you may start:

  • The insurance company denies your claim
  • The insurance company delays paying you
  • Unexpected policy termination
  • They send an attorney

States set limits requiring insurance companies to resolve situations within a given time period. If your insurance company does not resolve your claim in a timely manner, an attorney who specializes in these cases will be able to figure out what is going on.

If you try to make a claim only to learn that your policy has been inexplicably cancelled, call your attorney immediately. And if the insurance company wants you to speak with their attorney – don’t agree to do so without the presence of your own attorney.

If the insurance company denies your claim, they are required to give you a timely and valid answer as to why the claim was denied. If they do not – call your attorney.

You are not powerless against insurance companies, although they may attempt to make you feel that way. Hiring an attorney who knows how to fight the insurance company may seem like a big expense, but many such attorneys will only bill you if there is a settlement.

If you have legal questions, please consult our Online Legal Directory to find an attorney in your area.

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