Ten Things to Ask Your Attorney

  1. How many cases similar to mine have you been involved with as the principal or lead attorney over the past three years?
  2. What types of cases do you handle, and what percentage of your practice is devoted to cases and injuries similar to mine?
  3. What were the results in terms of settlements or verdicts for the last five cases you have handled involving injuries similar to mine?
  4. How many cases similar to mine have you ever tried as lead counsel to a verdict, and what was your highest verdict?
  5. Have you ever tried a case similar to mine and obtained a jury verdict with a very substantial offer of settlement on the table?
  6. (If so, what was the highest amount offered prior to the verdict, and what was the amount of the verdict?)
  7. What types of cases have you tried this year and what was the result of each case?
  8. Would you and your law firm be able and willing to spend, in advance, as much as $50,000.00 in the investigation, preparation, and presentation of my case, if necessary?
  9. Please tell me what professional organizations you belong to. (Are you a member of the American Board of Trial Lawyers?)
  10. Would you mind telling me the size of your law firm in terms of the number of lawyers and the number of support personnel you have? I would also like to know what support personnel you have who would specifically be working with you on my case.
  11. What experts do you expect you will be hiring to assist you with the analysis and presentation of my case?
    1. Accident reconstruction experts?
    2. Vocational economic analysts?
    3. Biomechanical engineer?
    4. Life care and planning specialist?
    5. Highway/traffic design expert?
    6. Human factors expert?
    7. Trucking industry expert?
    8. Any other expert you believe would be of help for my case?

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