Driving and cellphone

We haven’t talked about distracted driving in a while, but I’ve run across a case that is horrible, and justifies a reminder of how deadly distracted driving can be. In this case, three little girls were killed, a little boy seriously injured, and a mother was almost killed.

The collision happened on a wintery afternoon in Wisconsin. Kari Milberg had planned a fun afternoon for her son and daughter and two nieces, all under the age of 11 years. All five piled into Kari’s SUV and headed for The Giggle Factory Kids, an indoor play center.

After spending a couple hours there, playing and burning some energy, it was time to head back home. But the journey home turned into a nightmare, one that these families will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Distracted driving seems to have been the cause of the accident.

Kari j. Milberg stands accused of being on Facebook while behind the wheel right before the crash happened. She is charged with three counts of homicide in the deaths of her daughter and two young nieces. Her daughter was killed instantly; her two nieces died a short while later at a hospital. Her 3-year old son miraculously survived, and Milberg almost died.

Cellphone records show that Milberg was sending and receiving Facebook messages up to two minutes before the crash. She was not wearing her seatbelt and was thrown from the SUV. She was in critical condition for a while, but has since recovered from her injuries.

The accident happened when the SUV Milberg was driving veered into the path of a truck. The impact caused the SUV to spin out of control and crash. The accident happened about a couple blocks from the Milberg’s home.

So, three little girls are dead. Could that message you were sending to your husband or best friend not have waited until you arrived safely at home? Two blocks away?

Distracted driving kills. Please be mindful, especially when loved ones are in your charge.

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