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This is a story in which an 18-year old Michigan teen was stuck on stupid on many fronts. Now, Nicholas Fuhst is charged with impersonating a police officer, which is a felony offense.

Fuhst made up a whale of a story as he sat at the bar in a Hooters Restaurant. He represented himself as an undercover police officer, and he asked to see a list of all employees who worked at the Michigan restaurant and bar.

Hooters is known for its scantily-clad waitresses, and apparently, Fuhst’s intent was to get some of them to be his friends on Facebook. But, the way he went about it has landed him in a heap of trouble with authorities.

He reportedly told a manager that he was looking for suspects involved in a crime that he was investigating. He then asked for a list of the names of people employed at the Hooters. Apparently, he was fairly convincing because one employee gave him a list and he wrote down several names.

According to police, after taking the names, Fuhst left the Hooters on a skateboard. However, he returned a short time later asking for more detailed information about some of the workers. At this point, employees became suspicious and called police.

When local police arrived they arrested Fuhst. In his backpack, they found zip ties, lighter fluid and three knives. The teen also had the employee list with two names circled. Police say he appeared to be very disturbed, which is not surprising.

Fuhst pleaded no contest to the felony charge. Because he is a third-time offender, his sentence will be doubled. The plea agreement calls for the judge to impose the maximum sentence of four years, which would end up being eight years because of his previous offenses.

He remains in jail awaiting sentencing in September.

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