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Something that is becoming a bigger problem is abuse of the elderly or mentally disabled. It’s not just nursing home abuse, but there are more instances being reported of home caregivers, handymen, and others who come in to lend a hand, but instead, taking advantage of the person.
It is sad, but there are many people out there who take advantage of the elderly. In many cases, they are robbed of thousands and thousands of dollars of their hard-earned savings. Some have even lost their homes to these con men and women.
In many instances, they may realize what is happening, but are too embarrassed or don’t realize that someone is trying to take advantage of them. In these cases, it takes some outside intervention to make it stop. And it can be stopped.
In some cases, having a power of attorney may be a huge help in caring for an elderly loved one who can no longer make the best decisions for themselves.
Take the case of two parents being diagnosed with dementia at the same time. They’re still very aware of what they need and how to take care of those needs, but that awareness will decline as the disease progresses.
The parents, at this point, do not want to sign over their powers of attorney to their family members. The standard for doing a legal document is not necessarily a diagnosis, it is the ability to communicate and understand.
It may be easier if the parents have a trusted friend or pastor who can sit and talk with them and explain the need to have someone they trust take over their legal affairs when the time comes.
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