Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, this week signed into law a bill that clears the way for a e-scooter comeback. It was just last year, that these scooters were removed from streets in some Alabama cities for a variety of issues – safety being one of them.

 Now the state has given the go-ahead to micromobility device systems and has approved their use on roadways. The scooters have been pulled from many cities for safety and maintenance issues. There are countless scooter accidents daily in which injuries send folks to the E.R. And as you may imagine, some of the injuries are considered severe.

 The Deputy Director of the Alabama League of Municipalities, Doug Cochran, says that cities have the authority to regulate the devices. He says that he is aware of at least 10 Alabama cities who are considering allowing the e-scooters.

 The Zyp bike-sharing system has been used in areas of Birmingham for the past four years with apparent success. Economic development groups say it helps to recruit businesses to the area by increasing mobility options. 

 But now that the law is in place, and companies such as Bird and Lime are eager to roll in, we should look at the rules that pertain to the use of such scooters. While they are convenient, and now legal, there are certain requirements before you can take one for a spin.

 Alabama classifies motor vehicles, like scooters and mopeds, into a single category – motor driven cycles. If you want to drive an e-scooter, you’ll have to apply for a drivers’ license, although not the type that driving a car or truck requires. 

 The license is a motorcycle license with a “B” restriction. This means you are not old enough, or properly licensed to drive a motorcycle. You must be at least 14-years old to apply for the “B” license.

 So, what do you think about the new e-scooter law? Are you ready to be on the road with 14-year olds, and can our already tangled traffic patterns handle these scooters?

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