LawCall - Dogbite

Although our pets are considered a part of the family, legally, they are property. So what happens if Fido bites a neighbor or another pet?
Laws differ from state to state regarding liability in dog bite cases. In some states, simply owning the dog makes the owner responsible for the dog’s conduct. In other states, the owner may be held liable only if they had reason to believe that their dog could be dangerous to others. So, how can you protect yourself from being sued if your dog bites someone?
If you’re a homeowner, landlord, or renter, it’s a good idea to get insurance that protects against dog bites and other damages a dog may cause. Make sure that any policy you consider does not exclude canine damages, particularly, if you are a renter.
If your pet bites another person’s pet, the lawsuit would be loss to property, because pets, like it or not, are considered property.

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