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Mediation is one of the most frequently used ways to negotiate a divorce settlement. It is about you and your spouse and a third neutral party – the mediator. A mediator doesn’t work for either party, and may not give advice to either party, but is there to guide you through the process. The mediation process has many benefits.

Mediation is much less expensive than a trial or a series of hearings.

It allows you to settle all issues in your divorce, such as distribution of property; child custody; retirement, and taxes.

Mediation allows you to decide what is best for you and your family.

You and your spouse control the process, not the courts.

And the process is confidential with no public record of what happens in your sessions.

Mediation can work for almost all couples and should be a consideration in a divorce. Of course, you may also choose to have attorneys work with you and your mediator.

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