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After a 2-year old Nebraska toddler was killed by an alligator, Walt Disney World is taking action to protect visitors from wildlife there. The company is building a stone wall to keep any wildlife away from its guests.

You may remember the June incident when little Lane Graves was snatched by an alligator while playing on the property’s Seven Seas Lagoon. His father was injured while trying to save him, but ultimately, Lane was dragged away. His body was found the next day in the lagoon; he had drowned.

This incident sparked quite a bit of outrage and conversation regarding visitors’ safety when they stay on the Disney properties. The Graves family had been staying at the park’s Grand Floridian Hotel.

Disney came under fire in the weeks that followed, and other stories came to light about close-calls that visitors had had with wildlife around the lagoon. Employees even told stories of guests making a habit of feeding the alligators.

In June, Disney finally erected signs to warn visitors of the dangers near and around the lagoon waters. They also put up rope fences as a barrier and added “No Fishing” signs around their other properties whose waters do not contain gators.

It took a baby’s death for the company to do something so simple. Employees were apparently also told to report any attempted interactions between guests and animals. Still, that seemed like not enough action on the part of Disney World.

Now, builders are working to put in place boulder walls that will separate visitors and the lagoon. Disney says it is hoping that strengthening the barriers will put a stop to further injuries or deaths, and will also prevent visitors from feeding the alligators.

What do you think? Is Disney World doing enough to protect you and your family while you stay on their properties?

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