Dianne Herman Ellis is the managing partner at the Ellis Law Firm and practices in the fields of family law and criminal defense.  Dianne understands that a divorce or any threat regarding the custody of a child is the most important event in a parent’s life, she understands that the fear of a false arrest and conviction can threaten the very core of a person’s being, and she believes that everyone deserves a strong legal team.  The Ellis Law Firm, PLLC strives to provide you with that strong team.  We have committed, dedicated, hardworking attorneys and a strong support staff.  We have an answering service so that we are available to you in an emergency.

In the field of family law, Dianne practices adoption law, divorce, custody, guardianships, third-party custody, termination of parental rights, separate maintenance, youth court actions, and other family matters.  Dianne is ready and willing to fight for your child and for your rights as a parent.  Dianne believes that every child deserves to grow up in a safe and loving home, and she will help you fight for custody of a child if the child’s parents refuse to provide or are unable to provide that safe and loving home.  Dianne understands that a divorce can destroy everything you have spent your life building, and she will work to help you protect your rights and your life’s work.

Dianne represents both mothers and fathers in custody disputes and firmly believes that the gender of the parent is, and should be, irrelevant in custody decisions.  She supports the rights of both parents to have a strong relationship with a child, and believes that this is best for the child, as well.  Dianne supports the rights of same sex couples and other non-traditional families and is proud and honored to have been allowed to serve on the team of attorneys who represented the Plaintiffs in the landmark case of Campaign for Southern Equality, et. al. v Bryant, et. al., setting aside the ban on gay marriage in Mississippi.