My daughter and I were in a wreck in Tuscaloosa near the U of A. The other vehicle turned across in front of us which totaled our car, broke my neck, broke my daughters back and gave us both concussions. My daughter’s concussion has resulted in lifelong seizures. My daughter has other medical issues that made surgery on her back not an option. She also has a speech impediment. Here was the big issue.

We spoke with several attorneys. Right off they picked up the speech thing, listened about her other medical conditions and assumed that her injuries from this wreck were not as catastrophic as if to a “normal person”. No one was concerned at how drastically this changed her life…UNTIL we spoke with Nate Vandeveer and Kirby Farris of Farris, Riley & Pitts.

There was a security video of the accident, but in a quick review, it wasn’t real clear who had what light..flat green, green arrow and it could have been a matter of opinion by the person watching. However, Mr. Vandeveer meticulously took the video shot by shot to show reflections of the traffic lights as they actually were. He left no stone unturned in showing that we had a clear, flat green light and that the other party did not have a green arrow or any other traffic signal that allowed her to proceed as she did, directly into our path. Kirby Farris addressed the medical issues of my daughter with a sincere compassion that annihilated the opposing Attorney’s demeaning remarks. I am trying to make this short but they were so thorough, so professional, so compassionate..they just knocked it over the wall and out of the park. A hundred things I could tell you, the most important is: THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST, and then some!! They are our CHAMPIONS!!

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