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Dating websites are very popular, but their stories are sometimes horrific. One man has taken his experience to court claiming that his Tinder girlfriend stole money from him.

Marcel Kooter was “blinded by attraction” when he met a young lady on Tinder. They pursued a relationship, and, Kooter says that Manuela Radeva benefitted greatly from the pairing. Only now, Mr. Kooter is claiming that she robbed him.

The two had a nine-month long relationship during which time she moved into his apartment. Radeva had claimed, on Tinder, to be an investment banker working for Citibank. Mr. Kooter, during the relationship, spent money on lavish gifts for Radeva, including a Chanel purse and lavish trips.

In court, Radeva’s attorney claimed that this was a romantic relationship and that there was no business involved. However, Kooter says that he gave Radeva $250,000 to invest for him. She is denying this and claims that the money was used to support their relationship, paying for hotel rooms and bar bills among other things.

Neil Vickery, Kooter’s attorney says it is very clear that his client was attracted to Miss Radeva and wanted to have a relationship with her. But, he says, “It is quite clear that the money he was paying her was an investment. She described herself  as a capital investment manager on

Tinder and in emails.”

The judge presiding at the hearing agreed with Mr. Kooter, stating, “In my judgement, it is highly implausible that he was giving her this money for any other reason than that she should invest it for him.”

The judge ordered that Miss Radeva pay back Mr. Kooter some $300-thousand, including interest and legal fees. He, however, did not award Kooter the $50,000 he was asking for to cover trips the two had taken.

What do you think? Do you take the lumps when you use a dating website?

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