Attorney Blake Williams recently settled a personal injury case for a client injured in a car collision in Tuscaloosa County.  The negligent actions of the other driver caused our client to sustain very painful injuries. The collision also caused some existing injuries to our client to become worse. Our client underwent two years of medical treatment and surgery.

Once our client completed his medical treatment, Mr. Williams began negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company in an attempt to settle the claim without the need for litigation. The other driver’s insurance company would not offer a fair and reasonable amount in the claims process. As a result, Mr. Williams filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client against the other driver. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Williams received an offer of settlement for the entire policy limits from the other driver’s insurance company. Our client was very pleased with the settlement Mr. Williams reached. Mr. Williams was also able to get our client’s own insurance company to pay an additional amount to our client under our client’s underinsured motorist coverage.

If you or anyone you know has been in a car collision and would like a free consultation, please call our office today. We handle car collision cases from all over the state.


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