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What could these two things possibly have in common, you may ask? You may think – they shouldn’t have anything in common. And yet, they do. And it is not a good thing.

Traces of the controversial weed killer, Round Up, have been found in a number of the world’s leading beer and wine brands.

The beer brands include: Coors Light, Miller Lite, Budweiser, Corona, Heineken, Guinness, Stella Artois, Sierra Nevada, and Samuel Adams.

Wine brands included in the list are: Beringer, Sutter Home, Barefoot, Inkarri, and Frey Vineyards.

The study, performed by public-interest advocacy group, US PIRG, tested the wines and beers, which included organic ones, and the chemical, glyphosate was found in all but one that they tested.

Glyphosate, which is an ingredient in the weed killer, Round Up, is a probable human carcinogen according to a cancer research group that is a part of the World Health Organization. The report acknowledged that the the level of glyphosate is not necessarily dangerous, but is still a concern.

A spokesman for the Beer Institute responded to the findings saying, “Our members work with farmers who go to great lengths to raise their crops sustainably and safely. The results of the most recent federal testing show farmers’ use of glyphosate falls far below the federal limits.”

A spokesman for Bayer, which now owns Round Up manufacturer, Monsanto has this to say: “Assuming the greatest value reported is correct, a 125-pound adult would have to consume 308 gallons of wine per day.

Of course, Bayer is now facing at least 10-thousand lawsuits alleging that Round Up causes cancer. It has already been hit by a $289-million verdict in a California state court. An attorney involved with one plaintiffs’ group says, “With a federal court looking into the connection between Round Up and cancer today, we believe this is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on glyphosate.”

Will this report, and the ensuing lawsuits, make you think twice when choosing wines and beers?

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