Local South Mississippi Attorney Jim Reeves, with the law firm of Reeves & Mestayer, was appointed today as “lead counsel” for all the Federal lawsuits filed against Singing River Health System and their collection of partners for its failed pension plan.

U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola, Jr. made the ruling in Southern District Federal Court and denied the motion of several other attorneys who also sought lead counsel status.

“I’m honored by the appointment as lead counsel,” said Reeves. “This is a significant milestone and will allow us to focus our efforts on an expedited resolution. We’re prepared to continue the hard work necessary to see those who have invested a lifetime of work in the Singing River Hospital System are treated fairly.

The law firm of Reeves & Mestayer was the first firm to file a federal multi-count class action lawsuit against Singing River Health System, Board of Trustees, TransAmerica Retirement, KPMG, Chris Anderson, and 13 others.

The lawsuit cites more than 20 counts including corporate fraud, financial fraud, breach of contract, taking clause and acting in bad faith with its employees and retirees.

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