Prince, Glover and Hayes attorney Blake Williams recently settled a personal injury case filed in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama involving a car collision. The driver of the car who hit our client was following too closely behind our client’s vehicle during stop-and-go traffic. The driver was not paying attention to the roadway and rear-ended our client’s vehicle. Our client sustained injury to her neck, including protruding discs. She needed physical therapy and epidural injections to treat her pain. She continued to experience pain and discomfort for several months.

Mr. Williams attempted to resolve the case without filing a lawsuit; however, the insurance company for the other driver would not offer more than $7,000. Therefore, Mr. Williams filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf and spent several months working on this case, including taking the other driver’s deposition and taking the deposition of one of our client’s treating doctors. After the first deposition of our client’s doctors, Mr. Williams was able to reach a settlement of nearly $50,000 for our client.

If you have been involved in a car collision and need legal counsel, please give Prince, Glover & Hayes a call.

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