Prince, Glover & Hayes Attorney Blake Williams recently settled a personal injury claim in Tuscaloosa County. Our client was standing by the bumper of her car when she was struck by another person’s vehicle. Due to the other driver’s reckless actions, our client suffered injuries so severe that she had to be transported to DCH Regional Medical Center by ambulance.  Our client suffered from a pre-existing medical condition that caused blood clots in her lower leg. This condition was aggravated by the impact of the collision. As a result, she spent 9 days in the hospital. After many months of negotiating, Mr. Williams obtained liability policy limits from the other driver’s insurance. He also obtained an additional settlement from our client’s underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage.

Prince, Glover & Hayes believes having Under/Uninsured Motorist (UIM) insurance coverage is extremely important. If our client did not have UIM, she would not have been able to receive the maximum amount of recovery for her claim.

Our client was a Medicare recipient. As Prince, Glover & Hayes does with all of our clients with Medicare health insurance, Mr. Williams coordinated with Medicare on behalf of our client to make sure both the client and Medicare’s interests were taken care of.

As a result of the settlement amount, our client’s medical bills were taken care of and our client was compensated for her pain and suffering she experienced.

Prince, Glover & Hayes handles personal injury claims from all over the state. If you or anybody you know has been injured and would like a free consultation, please call us today.

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