DUI & The Law

DUI & The Law

A New York woman thinks so, and she’s suing them for $30 million. This after her 29-year old son was killed while driving drunk and crashing into a business, which killed him.

Kathi Fedden’s son, Peter, was apparently no angel; the wrongful death lawsuit says that he had too much Jack Daniels to drink and had been smoking marijuana before driving away from a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant and bar. He had two friends in the car.

It is estimated that he was driving around 90-miles an hour when he lost control of his vehicle ramming through a fence, across two lawns and into a parked car. Miraculously, no one was seriously hurt in this crash.

The police, however, knew Peter very well. The young man owned a deli in the neighborhood where police frequently ate. Apparently, Fedden treated them well, discounting their meals. So, instead of taking him in after the first accident, they drove him home to his mother’s house.

Mrs. Fedden alleges that police familiarity with her son is what caused them to be lenient with him, and to drive him home instead of arresting him.

Around 30 minutes after being delivered to his mother’s house, Peter Fedden took one of the other cars in the driveway and a short time later crashed into the brick façade of a marketing firm. He was killed in this crash.

The owner of the marketing firm, Mitchell Levin, says that he knew Fedden and ate at his restaurant, but that he believes that Fedden, “decided to take the law into his own hands by getting into a second car that evening.” His firm suffered $100,000 worth of damage in the crash. Levin says he believes the lawsuit is frivolous.

The Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant is also named in the suit because Fedden was drinking there and, it is alleged, had been served too much alcohol before the two crashes.

So, is this a case of negligence by police officers, or is a grief-stricken mother looking for anyone to blame?

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