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When you send your son or daughter to the high school homecoming dance, you expect for there to be many pictures taken. Of course, there will be tons of “selfies”, not to mention that there is usually a professional photographer on hand.

Teenagers and “selfies” have proven to be a disaster. But what if the professional on hand takes liberties with your daughter’s photo? This is exactly what has happened in Atlanta, Georgia, and one mother is suing the photographer.

The mother, who remains unnamed because her daughter is a minor, says that the photo posted by the photography company on its website was inappropriate. Apparently her daughter’s dressed had slipped exposing one of her breasts when the snap was taken. She demanded that the photo be removed from the site.

After several months, the company finally removed the photo, but not until the damage was done, according to the mother. And that’s how we find ourselves in the middle of this lawsuit.

Mom says her 15-year old daughter is mortified and upset because the picture, of course, is being passed around her high school. She says the girl is now being bullied and teased, mercilessly and is so distressed that she’s having trouble even going into public.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Fulton County, alleges negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, pain and suffering.

Mother and daughter are seeking punitive damages, and their attorney sees a multi-million dollar lawsuit. “You can’t do that to women, put them naked online without their consent, especially for a minor,” Chris Stewart says.

While the photography company is not commenting on the lawsuit, they did send an email of apology to the mother and daughter. Stewart says the email will be presented as evidence that Cady knows they are in the wrong.

What would you do if this happened to your daughter?

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