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We’re all familiar with stories of dangerous dogs, such as pit bulls, attacking other dogs and people. There are reported incidences of pit bulls killing people, and perhaps even more reports of someone’s pet being attacked and killed by the dangerous breed.

In Houston, Texas, the story has taken a whole new twist. The owner of three pit bulls and a pit bull-mix is suing the owner of the beagle who was killed when her dogs attacked.

The Baker family, who owned the 10 year-old beagle named Bailey, say the pit bulls broke into their yard and began attacking little Bailey. Emerald White, the owner of the pit bulls says she was trying to retrieve her dogs when the beagle attacked her, causing the pit bulls to go after the beagle.

You could argue that Miss White was not in control of her four dogs – they were in the neighbor’s back yard.  And doesn’t the fact that she was trying to restrain them indicate that she had lost control of her dangerous pets?

White is suing the Baker family for negligence; the lawsuit claims that she suffers from mental anguish, disfigurement, pain, loss of earnings and a fear of future disease because of the beagle attack. She is suing for 1 million dollars.

The Bakers say that on the day of the incident, they heard a commotion and looked out a window to see two of the pit bulls attacking Bailey. According to the family, White tried to break up the attack, to no avail. Eventually, Bailey crawled to the side of the house where she died.

White’s attorney says she was bitten and scratched by the beagle.

Steve Baker says White has been given 16 citations by animal control after the attack, and he believes the lawsuit is retaliation.

What do you think? Bailey the beagle was in her own backyard; the four pit bulls broke in and killed her.

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