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A private swingers club is attempting to open a location near a school, but if a Nashville lawmaker has his way, it won’t happen.

The Social Club, now located south of downtown Nashville, wants to relocate to Madison and across the street from Goodpasture Christian School.  State Representative, Bill Beck has proposed a law which would allow cities to prohibit private clubs within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and residences.

If the embattled sex club is allowed to reopen in Madison, its property will abut the school at the back of both properties. Beck says that a lot of the parents of Goodpasture live in his district and are up in arms over the club’s request to move into their neighborhood. Well, who wouldn’t be?

Beck says that, “..if the sex club were an up-and-running business, it could be grandfathered in, but they’re not”.  He is also an attorney with a real estate background and says that his reading of the state law supports the bill.

The swingers club is fighting back with their attorney saying that the club poses no danger to the community. Just think, for a moment, about the Christian school in your town or neighborhood; do you want a swingers sex club on the same block?

However, the club’s attorney, Larry Roberts, makes a very valid point, “It seems strange to me that the city is celebrating the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition by closing Broadway and having in public view photographs of nude and nearly nude women and getting national attention, and at the same time, trying to restrict what people do in private, where nobody can see it.”

Of course, one could argue that the two issues are apples and oranges. It just depends on which basket you’re holding.

The ball is now in the court of the Metro Council, which will take up a proposal to alter the city’s zoning code to attempt to stop the club from relocating. The club has been located in downtown Nashville for years, but in October sold its building and bought the new building in Madison.

What do you think about a private sex club opening down the street from your child’s school, or your church or home?

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