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How often do you take your children to a museum? Usually, it is a great place to teach children about art and sculpture and to show them beautiful and interesting things. However, there is always the risk that a young child may not quite be ready for such things. And that is where this story begins.

Sarah Goodman, a Kansas woman, took 5-year old Troy to the Overland Park Community Center in Kansas City. A part of this center is used as a museum where different types of art and sculpture are displayed.

Goodman says that all of the artwork was displayed securely except for the one piece that drew the attention of little Troy. A sculpture named “The Aphrodite di Kansas City” was sitting atop a display column without anything protecting it from the hands of admirers.

Troy, being one of those admirers, just couldn’t help himself. He took a leap up to hug the statue, which caused it to come crashing to the floor with Troy in tow.

Footage from security cameras in the museum show exactly what happened while his mother sat on a sofa nearby talking with a friend.

Goodman says she has received hate mail and death threats from people telling her she should have better control of her child. She maintains that it was an accident. “In this particular situation, our 5-year old was just being a little kid, and there was no malice or intention to damage any property,” she says.

The artist, Bill Lyons, wants to be compensated for the artwork that he now cannot sell. He estimates its worth at $132-thousand. Goodman says she doesn’t believe she owes this because it was an accident.

What do you think? Should parents be responsible for damage caused by their children in an art museum. After all, she says it was an accident.

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