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You may remember the Seattle family who was being sued because their dog barked incessantly, which irritated their neighbor. Now comes a case from Oregon, and their barking canines have cost them a pretty penny.

A dog that barks constantly is either in need of some attention from his people, or is in some distress. We all know how annoying it can be when you’re trying to sleep or the baby is down for a nap, and the Fido next door won’t stop barking. Hence the phrase – “barking mad”, which I believe refers more to the human than the dog.

An Oregon couple put up with the constant barking of their neighbor’s two Tibetan mastiffs for more than ten years. They filed a lawsuit, and they have been awarded $240-thousand for their anguish.

Dale and Deborah Krein of Rogue River filed their suit back in 2012 alleging that the huge mastiffs had been too disruptive for the past ten years; a jury agreed with the Kriens.

The owners of the dogs, John Updegraff and Karen Szewc, argued that they needed their dogs to protect their livestock. But they had already been cited twice by animal control for violating public nuisance codes.

The Kreins claimed that the dogs had been a nuisance since the defendants started breeding dogs back in 2002.

According to the lawsuit, the dogs would begin barking at 5:00 a.m., and would continue barking throughout the day, and sometimes during the night. Can you imagine? The Kreins put up with this for ten years! That could drive anyone mad.

Finally, after three years of proceedings, the jury agreed and ruled in favor of the Kreins and in addition to the monetary reward, an order was issued that the dogs be debarked within 60 days.

The judge also ruled that, contrary to what the defendants maintained about the dogs being used to protect livestock, the animals were not suited to the role.

Do you have a barking dog problem? What action have you taken to solve the irritation?

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