Have you ever been involved in a situation where you had to stop and ask yourself…

“Am I going to need a lawyer for this?”

While everyone’s situation is different when it comes to matters involving the law, generally there are certain situations that you should always hire an attorney for. Being able to recognize these situations could help you save time, money and unwanted stress if any of them ever happened to you or someone you know.

Here are a few examples of when you DO need an attorney:

  1. If you are arrested.

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

Anything potentially involving handcuffs, or any kind of accusations of criminal behavior – you need to call an attorney. Period.

  1. If you are served with any type of legal document.


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If you are served with any documents related to legal proceedings or a lawsuit, contacting an attorney can help you figure out what happens next.

  1. If you are asked to sign a contract.


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When large sums of money or long-term commitments – such as buying or selling a home, starting a business, or patenting a product or invention – are involved, an experienced attorney can help guide you through the process.

  1. If you are involved in a serious accident or incident that resulted in personal injury or property damage.

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

If you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t gamble with your insurance claim. Unless your insurance company plans on hiring an attorney FOR you, don’t depend on them to fight your battle. Go ahead and start searching for an attorney to help handle your claim.

  1. If you are not being paid for hours worked or for overtime.

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

Employers must pay wages to their workers, and there are complex laws that guide them. An attorney who is familiar with wage and overtime laws and claims can help if your employer has paid you improperly.

  1. If you need a will and estate plan.


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An estate is comprised of everything you own – your home, vehicle, property, bank account, personal property, etc. An experienced attorney can help you plan in advance and name whom you want to receive the things you own after you die. It can also help prevent your loved ones from having to deal with all the taxes, legal fees, and courts costs involved.

  1. If there is a change in your family status.

Image via iStock

Image via iStock

An attorney can help explain and guide you through the legal aspects of major life events such as marriage, adoption, divorce or legal separation, or if there is a death in the family.

  1. If there is a significant change in your financial situation.


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If your finances take a turn for the better or worse – for example if you inherit a large sum of money from a deceased relative, or if you file for bankruptcy – an attorney can help guide you on what to do next.


If you or someone you know are in need of an attorney to handle a legal situation, finding the right one doesn’t have to be a stressful process. If you would like to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your situation, contact our office today for a free consultation by calling (205) 324-1212, or click here to visit us online.

While everyone’s situation is different, you can feel confident in knowing that whatever the legal matter – there’s an attorney for that.

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