are popular, both as a primary mode of transportation and recreationally. On
the road, motorcyclists deserve the same level of respect as other drivers.
However, the small size of motorcycles and the absence of the safety measures
of larger automobiles, accidents that involve motorcycles are usually more
devastating to their riders and passengers.

comparison to passenger vehicles, motorcyclists face more danger on roads.
Every year, billions of dollars are attributed to motorcycle accidents,
including damages such as loss of productivity, medical expenses, property
damage, legal expenses, and pain and suffering. 

of whether you own and operate a motorcycle or wish to safeguard people who do,
there are various ways to respect motorcyclists on the road and prevent
catastrophic accidents. These include:

Maintain Your Motorcycle
in Top Condition

It is essential to check the pressure in both the tires before
operating your motorcycle. You should ensure that the headlights, signal indicators,
hand and foot brakes, and fluid levels are in optimal condition. Also, look
under the motorcycle for any gas or oil leaks. The suspension and tire pressure
should be adjusted for extra weight as well.

In case a passenger is riding with you, ensure that they mount the
motorcycle only after you have started the engine. The passenger should sit on
the motorcycle’s seat right behind the driver, and as forward as possible. Moreover,
the passenger should get off the bike only after the driver tells them to.

Wear Proper
Protective Gear

In the unfortunate event of a motorcycle crash, a helmet is
crucial to protect your head. It is vital for motorcyclists to wear helmets as
well as ensure that it meets the safety standards set forth by US DOT.

If DOT certifies a helmet, it will have a DOT symbol on the outer
back area. Also, a US DOT-approved helmet will have a label on the inside,
providing details on the manufacturer as well as instructions on the proper use
and care of the helmet.

When riding a bike, make sure that your arms and legs are fully
covered. Wearing heavy denim and leather is a prudent idea while riding. This
type of gear will provide protection from potential injuries as well as prevent
you from getting dehydrated quickly.

Gloves offer a better grip and protect the hands in an accident
situation. Motorcycle riders should wear boots or shoes that cover the ankles
as well as brightly colored clothing with reflective material as it makes them
more visible to other motorists.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Antilock brakes are available on various motorcycle models, and
they are proven lifesavers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)
reports that motorcycles with ABS brakes were 37 percent less likely to be
involved in a deadly crash compared to ones without ABS brakes. Experts believe
that regardless of the caliber of the rider, ABS will always be better at
braking than them.

Most high-end motorcycle models now come with ABS brakes. These
brakes only cost an additional few hundred dollars, and you may be able to
offset some of this cost with an insurance discount. ABS brakes are certainly
an investment in safety that can potentially save your life.

Be Mindful
of Road Hazards

Motorcycles do not have as much contact with pavements as a car.
The bike’s tires may skid due to the presence of wet leaves, sand, or pebbles
on the road, causing a crash. Bumps and potholes that are barely perceptible in
a passenger vehicle can prove deadly to a motorcyclist.

If you see them too late to avoid, slow the motorcycle down by
gradually applying brakes while ensuring the bike remains steady. In order to
reduce the possibility of skidding, try to approach other hazards, such as
railroad tracks, at a 90-degree angle.

Avoid riding a bike if the weather is inclement. Your margin for
error reduces due to slippery road conditions. Rains impact your visibility as
well as reduce the grip of your tires on the road, which can make cornering
challenging. If you must ride in the rain, it’s vital to remember that the
riskiest time is immediately after the downpour starts, as the water can lead
to oil residue rising to the top.


A responsible motorcyclist is aware of the traffic regulations and
will never take unnecessary risks. Obeying traffic lights, lane markings, speed
limits, and other signs is essential.

You should always ride your bike with the flow of the traffic and
make sure that there is sufficient space between your motorcycle and other
automobiles. Ensure that you signal and check behind the motorcycle before
changing lanes. It’s paramount to ride in a defensive, but not aggressive

Legal Counsel for Motorcycle Injury Victims

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motorcycle accident due to another motorist’s negligence, the skilled auto
accident attorneys at Reeves & Mestayer can help you recover rightful

A devastating road accident can cause serious physical, mental,
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