Trucking accidents are among the most traumatic and life-altering
events that someone can be involved in. When your car collides with a
semi-truck that is carrying as much as 80,000 pounds or more when fully loaded,
it can result in devastating consequences. At this point, you are probably
pretty shaken up, perhaps in a bit of shock, and wondering what to do next.

The first thing to do is calm down, take a deep breath, and gather
your thoughts. The things you do immediately after an accident with a
commercial truck will have a dramatic impact on your health, and your right to
file a legal claim to compensate you for your losses.

Whether you are reading this on your smartphone right after being
in a collision with a big rig truck, or you are doing research in order to be
prepared for an event like this in the future, we are going to tell you five important
things you should do if you get into an accident with an 18-wheeler:

Call 911

The number one priority after any type of motor vehicle accident
is to make sure everyone who may have been injured gets medical attention. Many
auto accident injuries have delayed symptoms, often because of the adrenaline
rush you experience at the scene that masks the pain. And some of these delayed-symptom
injuries can even be life-threatening, one such example being internal
bleeding. For this reason, it is always best to call for an ambulance, even if
you don’t feel hurt immediately after the crash.

Call the Police

During a call to 911, the operator might also contact the police
for you and call them to the scene. If not, be sure to call the police
yourself.  It is important to bring the
police for a couple of reasons; to help secure the accident scene and regulate
traffic, and to file an official report. The police will examine the scene,
interview those involved as well as any eyewitnesses, and prepare their report.
This report will be an important piece of evidence if you end up filing a legal

Gather Information About the Accident

Although the police will file an official report, you should
compile your own documentation of the accident for your records. Take multiple
photographs of the accident scene from as many angles as possible to show how
the accident happened and the damages you sustained. You should also write down
in as much detail as you can what happened, so you can compare your report with
the police report later on and correct any inaccuracies. If you are unable to
write down what happened, you can always use the voice recorder on your
smartphone to create an audio report that you can transcribe later.

Secure Statements and Contact Information from Witnesses

Eyewitness testimony will be another important piece of the puzzle
if you need to file a claim against the truck driver and any other parties that
share responsibility for the accident. Take down the contact information from
all individuals nearby who witnessed the accident. Also, ask them if they are
willing to provide a statement. In many cases, a witness will be willing to
have you record a statement with the video camera on your cell phone. If this
is possible, make sure to get this statement while you are still at the scene
and the events are fresh in everyone’s minds.

Communicate Carefully

When you are speaking with the driver of the commercial truck, the
police, witnesses, and later your insurance company when you report the claim,
be very careful what you say. Be courteous and polite, but never apologize or
admit fault for the accident. Anything you say can be used against you later to
undermine your claim, so just state the facts and leave it to the experts to
sort out who was to blame.

Along these same lines, you should also limit your social media
activity after an accident. Never post photos of the accident scene and avoid
discussions and comments about the accident. In addition, avoid status updates
that might be used against you by the other side. Insurance companies expend a
lot of resources to investigate social media profiles, and even if you have
strong privacy settings, always assume that they can find out what you are
posting, and act accordingly.

Get in Touch with a Seasoned Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial truck accident cases are far more complicated than a
typical auto accident. There are multiple potential parties who could be at
fault, and numerous laws and regulations that govern the industry. 

For this reason, it is very important to work with an attorney who
has in-depth experience and a successful track record with these types of
cases. In addition, it is best to get in touch with a skilled truck accident
attorney as soon as possible after the accident, so they can get to work
immediately to preserve and protect your right to recover full and fair

At Reeves and
Mestayer, we have successfully represented numerous individuals who have been
injured in commercial truck accidents in Biloxi and communities throughout
Southern Mississippi. We work closely with our clients, putting our extensive
experience to work to fight hard for every dollar of compensation they deserve.

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