That’s not exactly the way it happened for one New York woman, in fact, it’s not even close. Katrina Bookman of Queens, New York was playing the “Sphinx Slot Machine” in a New York casino when she hit the jackpot.

She even took a picture of herself standing next to the machine where the screen displayed: “Printing Cash Ticket – $42,949,672.76”. She was more than excited, needless to say. But that excitement lasted only a few minutes.

Bookman went to the window to collect her prize winnings, and she was told that the machine had malfunctioned. World Resorts Casino offered her a steak dinner and $2.25 as a consolation prize. According to the casino, that is what she was actually supposed to win.

Katrina turned down both the steak dinner and the $2.25, and thus began a months’ long battle to get the casino to pay her what she had won, or at least a more substantial amount than they offered. After trying everything she knew to do, Bookman decided to sue the resort/casino for the full amount.

Her lawsuit claims that the Queen’s casino was negligent because it had not properly maintained its machines. The suit also states that Bookman suffered “mental anguish” and a financial setback because she “lost the chance/and or opportunity to win”.

The casino claims that the $43-million was clearly a malfunction because the machine she was using was meant to have a maximum winning payout of $6500. The casino has since pulled the machine from use. It is also noted on the machines that “Malfunctions void all pays and plays.”

Bookman’s attorney is also arguing that the casino should at least have to pay her the maximum payout, which would be the $6500.

What do you think? Should a casino have to eat its own mistakes, or should Bookman be paid the $6500?

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