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Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah Ruined: What Would You Do?

As many Jewish parents do to celebrate their son or daughter’s coming of age, Nancy and Marc Held had spent many months planning their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration. They had spent thousands of dollars and time and energy, not to mention the hard work their...

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Is Your Firearm Safe?

Are you aware that gun makers, unlike the makers of other consumer products, have sole discretion to decide whether or not to recall potentially dangerous weapons? That means that some mal-firing guns could still be on the market. One of the nation’s largest rifle...

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Holiday Parties and Underage Drinking

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and Christmas get-togethers, but if you plan on hosting a party, you need to be aware of your liabilities as a host. Serving alcohol to underage drinkers, even in your own home, can get you into deep trouble should things go south....

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