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How to Know When You Need a Lawyer

When you’re in an accident, many things go through your mind. Should you take photos; should you talk to potential witnesses; should you go to the doctor’s office? You may do all of these things, however, getting a medical checkup is probably the most important if you...

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A Falling Tree Kills a Couple: Who is Responsible?

At first thought, you may say that no one is responsible; a tree falling is an act of God. However, in this case, the Connecticut legislature is involved, and the outcome may surprise you. In 2007, Joseph Stavola and his wife, Jeanne Serocke-Stavola, were on a road...

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Airlines Reconsider Emotional Support Pets on Flights

If you have a dog who is registered as an emotional support animal, then you know how important that pet is to your everyday existence. Now some airlines are reconsidering letting you fly with your support dog. But is this a violation of your civil rights? The latest...

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