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A Seclusion Room as Punishment. What Would You Do?

Imagine that you found out your child had been placed in a seclusion room in school for punishment. What would be your reaction? This very thing happened to one little boy, and his parents filed a lawsuit. Cecilia and Kevin Wilson’s son, Ryleigh, was put into a dark...

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When Legal Marijuana Use and the Law Conflict

Many states have approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes; others have approved its recreational use. But what happens when certain laws come into conflict with others? A Colorado woman is learning the answer to that question in a most unusual and, some...

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Flying with Your Baby: What’s Legally Required?

Traveling with children is always hectic, whether you travel by car or by plane. The rules for car travel are fairly simple: all babies and children (up to a certain height and weight) must be secured in an approved car or booster seat. While the FAA does not require...

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