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Should Florida Pastor Have Been Arrested?

Florida officials have arrested the pastor of a mega-church after authorities say he held two worship services with hundreds of people, which violated the safer-at-home order now in place. Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown turned himself in to authorities Monday afternoon...

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Coronavirus and Your Employment

Can your employer demand that you come to work during this Coronavirus outbreak? As the virus ramps up, you may be wondering what are your rights as an employee. While the laws are not very clear-cut, the general answer is, no, your boss cannot force you to come to...

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Automobile Accidents and the Insurance Company

Being involved in an automobile accident is a hassle. If there are injuries, it becomes more than just a hassle. In either case, you will be dealing with an insurance company, which is almost never a pleasant thing.  If you do suffer injuries in an auto accident, you...

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