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Injured at the Ball Park: Do You Have a Case?

Whether you are going to the local ball park to watch your son or daughter swing the bat, or you are going to watch a professional baseball team, it can be dangerous just sitting in the stands. We hear stories every year of horrible injuries suffered by spectators who...

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Amazon and the Textbook

College textbooks are very expensive, a point on which we may all agree. That is why it is cost-effective to buy used or even rent a student’s books for a semester’s classes. This is the plan that one Delaware college student had set into motion when she began her...

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E-Scooters Now Legal in Alabama

Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, this week signed into law a bill that clears the way for a e-scooter comeback. It was just last year, that these scooters were removed from streets in some Alabama cities for a variety of issues - safety being one of them.  Now the state...

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