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Is Workers’ Compensation Your Only Recourse?

  If you are injured on the job, or acquire a work-related illness, worker’s comp will pay your medical expenses. And if you can’t work, it will also cover wage-loss compensation until you are able to return to work.  Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance...

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Your Legal Rights When a Baby is Injured During Birth

  Birth injuries usually occur when there are complications during birth or delivery. Birth injuries are different than birth defects. Birth defects are usually the result of something going wrong during pregnancy. Many times they are unpreventable. If your...

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Fraudulent Suppression: Have You Been Scammed?

  Falling victim to a scam is a scary feeling. Unfortunately, there are more and more scammers trying to part you from your hard-earned money these days. But what exactly is a scam, and what can you do if you feel you have been fraudulently taken advantage of? In...

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