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When to Consider a Mediator

  If you are going through a divorce, or are attempting to settle a dispute with an already divorced spouse, you may want to consider using a mediator. Sometimes known as peace-makers, using a mediator may keep you out of the court system.  Mediation is a process...

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Know Your Rights if Your Child Plays School Sports

  It is finally football season with Friday Night Lights already in full swing in most areas. There is also Fall baseball and soccer to consider. What happens if your child is injured while playing a school sport? Where does the liability lie? There are inherent...

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Nursing Home Neglect: Know Your Rights

  If you feel you have a loved one who has been mistreated in a nursing home, you have to act fast. In the state of Alabama, if the patient dies, the claim dies with the patient. This is not true in every state, but in Alabama, you need to act fast if you feel...

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