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Accidents in the Workplace: Are You Covered?

An accident in the workplace can be something as simple as bending over to pick up an item and injuring your back. Or stepping off of a curb in the company’s parking lot; these are things not necessarily the fault of the employer, but in both cases, you would have a...

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Planning for Your Future: 5 Steps to Begin

  When planning for your future, it is important to consider what may happen, and what you would prefer to happen after your passing.  The following are 5 legal instruments that you will want to use when estate planning. These include provisions for your worldly...

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Is Workers’ Compensation Your Only Recourse?

  If you are injured on the job, or acquire a work-related illness, worker’s comp will pay your medical expenses. And if you can’t work, it will also cover wage-loss compensation until you are able to return to work.  Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance...

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