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Driving While Distracted: It Can Kill You

  You might think that with all of the information available about the dangers of distracted driving - fewer people are being injured and killed in these types of accidents. However, people continue to let themselves become distracted while driving.  Whether you...

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Is a City Responsible for Pothole Damage?

  Whether you live in a city where cold, cold weather causes road damage, or a city where constant growth tears up the roads - driving through a pothole is annoying and can be very damaging to your automobile. The question is - who is responsible for pothole...

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Medical Malpractice: What is Your Legal Recourse?

  How do you know if your medical problem is caused by a mistake your doctor made? Or what if your pharmacist gives you the wrong medicine by mistake? Do you then have a medical malpractice lawsuit?  If you get an outcome you don’t expect, or if there are...

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