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Would You Allow Your Child to be Paddled at School?

Corporal punishment, or paddling, has been outlawed in schools for years now. You may remember the days when, if you misbehaved in a classroom you would surely get a paddling. It could be embarrassing, but you would most certainly think twice before committing the...

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Employers’ Liability: Who’s to Blame?

If you become ill at work, and because it is a part of your job, is your employer liable for your medical bills? This is a tough question to answer, particularly if the illness is not a workers’ compensation claim. But it happened to a Texas man who claims he got West...

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Auto Insurance: How Much Should You Have?

If you’re riding in an automobile that is involved in a wreck, can you sue the driver of the car in which you’re riding for damages? Let’s just say, you’re riding to the mall with your next door neighbor. You haven’t paid them for gas, or done anything else to benefit...

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