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Flying with Your Baby: What’s Legally Required?

Traveling with children is always hectic, whether you travel by car or by plane. The rules for car travel are fairly simple: all babies and children (up to a certain height and weight) must be secured in an approved car or booster seat. While the FAA does not require...

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Keep Your Backyard Pool Safe and Protect Yourself, Legally

As we go into the hottest part of the summer season, many folks hit the pools and waterways for enjoyment and relief. So it is a good time to review some pool safety tips. If you have a backyard swimming pool or hot tub, make it safe for your guests and family, and...

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How Far Would You Go to Save Your Child?

Of course you would do most anything to save the life of your child. One woman is fighting the government to save her daughter, Jordan. One of Doreen Gummoe’s twin daughters was born with Francini anemia, a rare inherited blood disorder that destroys bone marrow and...

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