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If the Government Causes You Poor Health, Can You Sue?

You may recall the false missile alert that the government issued in Hawaii last year. It caused quite the panic for residents there, and for those who have loved ones residing in Hawaii. It didn’t stop there; imagine that you were visiting, or heaven forbid, on your...

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Is Light Pollution Really a Thing?

It is that time of year again, and if you haven’t already, you’ll soon be putting up Christmas decorations. Some folks keep outdoor decorating to a minimum, while others (and you probably know some) go all out. You may remember the movie, Christmas Vacation, wherein...

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Not in My Backyard, Said…Scrooge?

When Jeremy and Kristy Morris wanted to purchase a home in West Hayden Estates, they ran into trouble. It was not just any trouble; they were allegedly being discriminated against because of their religion. A letter they received from the Homeowners’ Association...

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