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Elder Care and Your Loved One

Nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals are, unfortunately, not always taking the best care of your loved ones. Even in the best of circumstances, you have to be vigilant in order for your loved one to receive the best of care. It is tough and frustrating at a time...

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Accidents with 18-Wheelers

It seems that when traveling, even locally, there are more and more large trucks sharing the roadways with us. With interstate highways under constant construction and maintenance it becomes an even bigger challenge to share the roads with these mammoth trucks. So, it...

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Unintentional Trespassing: Can You Be Sued?

If you unknowingly walk onto, or through some else’s property, are you legally liable? What if you’re bike riding and the same thing happens? A Colorado woman is asking the courts to answer these questions after she was seriously injured while participating in a...

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