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Passengers in Car Accidents

So, you are going shopping with a friend, and the friend is driving. Unfortunately, you are involved in a car accident while on the outing. What are your rights, and how do you go about recovering any damages?  In the state of Alabama, there is a statute which, in...

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What to Do If You Are Injured On the Job

  If you are injured while at work, the most important thing for you to do is report the injury immediately to your supervisor. If possible, report your injury in written detail - but whether in writing, or verbally - report your injury. Also, keep in mind, there...

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What is a Conservatorship and When is it Necessary?

  A conservatorship is a form of adult legal guardianship in which the conservator has legal authority of certain aspects of a conservatee’s life. This can range from a limited conservatorship covering medical and/or financial aspects to a full arrangement, often...

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