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Bill Collectors and Harassment

How far can a bill collector go before it is considered harassment? If you are late paying a bill, which can happen for many reasons, then you may be asking that question. Up until recently, companies gave you some time to pay a bill as long as you called them and...

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Can Dating Websites Cost More Than a Monthly Fee?

Dating websites are very popular, but their stories are sometimes horrific. One man has taken his experience to court claiming that his Tinder girlfriend stole money from him. Marcel Kooter was “blinded by attraction” when he met a young lady on Tinder. They pursued a...

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Should Tech Companies Give Law Enforcement Your Private Data?

That question is asked more often these days because the ability exists for law enforcement to have access to your private information without your permission. Big companies such as Apple and Google are fighting such requests on behalf of consumers, however, that is...

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